Frozen berries

I was wandering around in the net and, once again, found some great inspiration. Some new blogs I have never visited that were full of gorgeous crocheting and bright ideas.

A few inspiring examples here:

This beautifully colored blanket from Cozy made things with the red edging and the last granny round in pale blue was just stunning. Immediately started to think about something similar...

Then there was this amazing bag "Almond blossom bag" from Colour in a simple life. Isn't it just great. I love the "puffiness" of the lily pad hexagons. There is also a great tutorial here. These I have to try!

Apples and Pears

This was also one reason why I started this blog, not only writing and documenting about what I am doing but also to have a place to store all the great ideas and places that I find in the net. Yes there is Pinterest but still this blog seems like a better way.

For my own yarn inspiration, the pictures are Drops Muscat which I used in my Hexagon blanket (that will most likely get an own blog post one day)

Löysin taas uusia inspiroivia blogeja ja ohjeita. Näitä tekisi mieli kokeilla. Lankakuvat Drops Muscatin jäämiä Hexagon peittoprojektista (josta mitä luultavimmin lisää jonain toisena kertana).

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